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Fit Pick Healthy Vending
Fit Pick Health Vending
What is Fit Pick™?
  • Fit Pick™ helps consumers locate vending machine choices that support a healthy lifestyle. It is a simple, ready-to-use system of vending machine stickers that identify vended products which meet a standardized set of nutrition guidelines.
  • Fit Pick™ nutritional criteria are based on the recommendations of the:
  • Fit Pick™ products are lower in fat and sugar. Labels are available for two different categories of nutritional criteria. The most commonly selected criteria for adults is 35-10-35 which means no more than:
    • 35% of total calories from fat
    • 10% of calories from saturated fat
    • 35% of total product weight from sugar
    Fit Pick™ also offers stickers and clings for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation guidelines.
  • Fit Pick is easy to implement. It does not require any outright purchase by vending sites, does not usually require changes to vending contracts unless desired, and is easily installed and maintained.
  • Fit Pick™ is a national program. It is available for communities and vending operators throughout the nation. Fit Pick™ was developed by the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) and can be installed by most vending operators.

Following the guidelines established with Fit Pick, the following items are available for selection in your snack machine:
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