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Snack Center 1
  • "SureVend" technology:
       -SureVend™ is an innovative advance in vending technology, using light sensors to detect whether or not a product has been dispensed. If no product is dispensed, SureVend™ will instruct the machine to turn the spirals a second time. After three attempts to vend, the customer is offered the option of selecting another product or obtaining a refund.

  • Accepts 1 & 5 dollar bills and dollar coins

Bev Max 3
  • Accepts 1 & 5 dollar bills and dollar coins

  • Merchandises the widest variety of soda as well as juices, SoBe, Vitamin Water, and Energy drinks

  • Fresh brewed Colombian coffee by the cup in an assortment of choices and sizes

  • Accepts 1 dollar bills

  • Regular and dark roast, french vanilla cappuccino, hot cocoa, English toffee cappuccino, Irish créme cappuccino, pumpkin spice cappuccino (seasonal), hot tea

Convenience Deli

Frozen Food/Ice Cream
  • Snickers/twix ice cream bars

  • Fudge bars, popsicles, Klondike

  • Michelina's entrees, Jimmy Dean, Pierre, White castle

  • Breakfast sandwiches

  • Hot pockets